"The competition is why you do it. As an athlete, you want to be challenged and the harder it is, the more exciting it is."

Jimmy Spithill

Before ORACLE TEAM USA, boats that fell behind in the America’s Cup generally stayed behind, especially if they were trailing by 8-1 and one defeat away from losing the Cup. Yet defying all odds, Jimmy Spithill and his ORACLE TEAM USA crew improved their boat and restored their resolve to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports. Since that dramatic victory, the sporting world has a new standard of fortitude and resilience — of how to stay the course, and never crack under pressure.


The pressure was beyond intense: down 8 points to 1, with the challenger ready to pop the champagne corks and the experts all in agreement: ORACLE TEAM USA, the 34th America’s Cup Defender, creator of the world’s fastest and and most expensive racing yacht, was sunk...

Then, somehow, Day 9, the challenger misjudged the fierceness of the winds and Jimmy Spithill and his crew were able to sneak past to win the race. Just prolonging the inevitable, said the experts. Give up, go home. But they didn’t, and the next day, Day 10, they won again. And then again, and again, seven back-to-back victories in all leading to that most epic last day, Day 15, Race 17, a winner-take-all final, only the third in the history of this, the oldest international sporting event, and the most prestigious event in sailing. Now with the momentum with them, slicing upwind across San Francisco Bay in a 14-knot breeze, the home crowds of San Francisco back on the shore and roaring their support, even the naysaying experts jumped on board. The greatest comeback in America’s Cup, they said. Wrong. This was the most impressive comeback in the history of sports. Like its sponsor TAG Heuer, ORACLE TEAM USA, puts its convictions front and center. It never quits, refuses limits and, no matter what wind and world hurl at it, never cracks under pressure.