03 Octo. Top Porsche Models

Speed, emotion, glamour: A half-century after its dramatic arrival on the motor-racing scene, the iconic CARRERA, the first sports chronograph designed specifically for professional drivers and sports-car enthusiasts, remains the standard-bearer of TAG Heuer’s unrivaled motorsports pedigree – a perfect synergy that began with Time of Trip (1911), the first car dashboard chronograph, and continues to this day through the brand’s ongoing partnerships with the best individuals and teams in driving disciplines around the world, including of course, TAG Heuer’s partnership with the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia.

To celebrate our continuing partnership with the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia and our longstanding passion for speed and performance, we look here at some of the most iconic Porsche’s of all time, thanks to our friends at Ask Men.

1) 911 GT3 R Hybrid

In 1900, 25-year-old engineer Ferdinand Porsche unveiled the first gas/electric automobile at the World Fair in Paris. 110 years later, a gas/electric Porsche revolutionised motorsports – the 911 GT3 R Hybrid. Using its 480-horsepower GT3 racer as a base, Porsche engineers added two 60kW electric motors to the front wheels to provide extra bursts of power when needed. This system also saves fuel under race conditions, which is an extra bonus.

2) Cayenne Turbo

While some may suggest the Cayenne moves away from Porsche’s sports car identity, those who have driven one will disagree. The Cayenne was Porsche’s push into the popular SUV market. Not only was the Cayenne extremely well received and in high demand, it also saved the company from going under as a result of poor sales in the 1990s.

3) 1965 911 Targa

Threats that the National Highway Transport Safety Association (NHTSA) would soon pass laws effectively banning the sale of convertible automobiles in North America prompted Porsche to create its 911 Targa, and subsequently a whole new vehicle type, in 1965. Porsche replaced the top of the 911’s roof with a removable panel to allow for an open-air driving experience and appease the NHTSA’s safety regulations.

4) Carrera GT

Porsche’s 50-plus years of engineering innovations and achievements resulted in the Carrera GT. The jewel in the center of the Carrera GT crown is a 5.7-litre, 605-horsepower V10 engine originally designed for Le Mans duties, but was tweaked to make it suitable for the street. Top speeds have been clocked at 330 km/h. Though released less than 10 years ago, this road-legal racecar is already considered a classic, and the world’s appreciation for this car will only continue to grow with time.

5) Porsche 917

Steve McQueen drove a Porsche 917 in the film Le Mans, where the TAG Heuer Monaco made its iconic debut in film. Powered by a flat-12 engine capable of over 620 horsepower, the Porsche 917 was hellishly fast. Flying under the Porsche/Gulf Racing banner, the 917 gave Porsche its first overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970, a feat it repeated the following year. Porsche officially retired the model in 1971, but it would go on to conquer racetracks around the world for another 10 years.

6) 1966 911S

There are so many incredible 911 models, it’s hard to select just one. Introduced in 1964 as the successor to the 356, the original 911 wrapped leading performance, luxury and technology in a package that still looks modern today. 1966 saw the introduction of the more powerful Porsche 911S (for “Super”), which featured a more powerful 158-horsepower flat-6, bigger brakes and a revised suspension.

But it’s the wheels that help get this specific 911 onto our list. Porsche shaved two and a half kilograms of unsprung weight from each corner by using five-spoke Fuchs alloy wheels – wheels whose design have come to define the classic 911 look almost as much as the 911 silhouette itself. A 911 with Fuchs rims is the car people imagine when they hear the word “Porsche” – and for that reason we feel that the 1966 911S is the most iconic 911 of all time.

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Information from this article was taken from AskMen.