15 July. Time for Rebels

Time For Rebels Exhibition World Premiere

“Challenge rules and defy conventions. Reject the unexceptional. Think ahead and differently. Be free-minded and rebellious to the very core. Give time a new look, a new allure. Don’t just evolve – revolutionise.

In a word, innovation. In two words, TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer’s enduring spirit of rebellion has propelled it to achieve extraordinary feats previously thought impossible in watchmaking. In 2012, we pay homage to those who inspire us to push boundaries to the limits. Premiering in Geneva on 17 January, the ‘Time for Rebels’ Exhibition showcases men and women from around the world who TAG Heuer considers as Rebels for their acts, attitude and what they stand for.

Fronting the Australian ‘Time for Rebels’ campaign are Jamie Durie and Lydia Lassila.

One of Australia’s most successful exports, Jamie’s talents extend from award-winning television personality to renowned landscape designer, author and product designer. An active ambassador for a range of environmental organisations, Jamie makes every effort to promote environmentally sustainable practices within his work.

Gold Medallist Aerial skier Lydia Lassila overcame debilitating injury and pushed herself to extreme limits to rise to Olympic glory at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. In Aerials there is no room for miscalculation or error and it is Lydia’s passion and persistence that have led her to break new ground in women’s Aerial skiing.Through their determination to make a difference both Jamie and Lydia capture the true spirit of a TAG Heuer Rebel and inspire us to defy conventions and challenge the rules.

The generous contribution of time and effort from all subjects of the Time for Rebels Exhibition has raised $250,000 for the Green Cross International, a leading environmental organisation which works to address the interconnected global challenges of security, poverty eradication and environmental degradation.

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