16 Dece. TAG Heuer Club 360

By its true definition, a club is an institution where people with similar interests gather and engage in activities they enjoy. TAG Heuer Club 360 is no exception, offering our loyal members unique experiences, privileges, and literature to engage in the sports and glamour that inspire our iconic brand.

When you purchase a TAG Heuer product, you become part of the global family. But when you purchase from the TAG Heuer Flagship stores in Australia, you are exclusively offered an opportunity to become a member of Club 360 and have access to the experiences and opportunities our growing membership base enjoy.

Established in 2012, Club 360 is an initiative by TAG Heuer Australia, which enables customers to live the TAG Heuer spirit beyond the flagship stores, keeping you engaged, inspired and informed – a 360-degree experience indeed. Upon entry, each Club 360 member receives a welcome gift and a permanent 10% discount on TAG Heuer accessories, but our benefits are also ongoing.

Club 360 has played host to many memorable events and shared these exclusive occasions with our members. The most notable being our strong association with Australia’s major golf tournaments – offering our dedicated golf enthusiasts the opportunity to play alongside their favorite international players in Pro Am’s, attend official launch parties, private lunches or tickets to take you to the heart of the action.

In March this year, TAG Heuer hosted its highly anticipated Grand Prix Event at the Melbourne Flagship boutique with a special guest appearance by TAG Heuer Ambassador and Formula 1 champion, Jenson Button. The invitation was extended to Club 360 members and a select group had the opportunity to attend this exciting event and socialise with celebrity guests and sporting champions including Hollywood star Guy Pearce, Olympic champions Lydia Lassila and Torah Bright.

Club 360 members receive invitations directly to their inbox, including private discount offers, in store VIP events, service offers and the latest news from the world of TAG Heuer.

Our Club 360 schedule is dynamic, just like the TAG Heuer brand. No two events are the same and our social calendar will vary over the course of the year. To stay up to date with the latest Club 360 offerings ensure you are a member by visiting a TAG Heuer Flagship store today.