18 Sept. Robert F Kennedy's Heuer Chronograph

At TAG Heuer, we know that true legends succeed in the face of adversity and demonstrate unbreakable determination. Jack Heuer is a perfect example of this human spirit.

A fascinating chapter in Jack’s life was the exercise of getting a Heuer timepiece on the wrist of Robert F. Kennedy.

In 1967 Heuer Time Corporation was a small watch subsidiary in the US, but this wasn’t going to deter Jack Heuer. At the time Robert F. Kennedy was not only a senator for New York but also a role model for American youth. The fit was perfect. But how would Jack access Kennedy?

Jack came up with a devious plan; he conducted a survey to find out who was the most loved public figure among elite sportsmen, and cleverly crafted the survey to ensure Kennedy came up trumps. For the prize, Kennedy would be presented with a gold Heuer chronograph.

With Kennedy unsurprisingly named as the idol for young sportsmen, now came the challenge of accessing Kennedy and presenting him with the timepiece. If Jack couldn’t get to the US political party himself, he would get to the next best thing – the Swiss Consul General in New York. Coincidentally, the Swiss Consul General just so happened to be in the process of planning a reception to mark Switzerland’s National Day – the perfect opportunity for Jack!

On 1 August 1967 the reception was held in a grand old hotel set over seven acres of land just north of New York. Robert F. Kennedy arrived at Mt. Kisco in a helicopter and the Consul General presented him with the prize chronograph, unbeknownst to him, Jack Heuer had orchestrated the whole plan.