19 Nove. It's Your Luxury

Luxury goods are highly sought after for their quality, rarity, craftsmanship and heritage. These attributes are the result of significant investment by brand owners in the areas of innovation, research and development, specialised manufacturing and rigorous quality controls.

To protect this investment and the integrity of their brands, luxury goods companies enforce strict controls across every aspect of their businesses, including their distribution network. Whilst many brands retail their products exclusively through their own boutiques or e-commerce sites, authorised retail partners can also be appointed to sell products on the brand’s behalf.

Selecting and maintaining a network of authorised retailers is essential in controlling the authenticity and quality of the goods sold. In addition to protecting the luxury experience for customers, purchasing from an authorised retailer ensures consumers benefit from the brand’s manufacturing warranty and after sales service.

With the advent of online shopping sites in particular, customers may be unaware that many of their favourite luxury goods are being sold by unauthorised dealers. At a glance, these offers may appear very attractive in relation to the asking price. But the hidden cost of buying from an unathorised retailer can often outweigh any saving on the RRP.

What risks are you facing when purchasing a luxury product from an unauthorised retailer?

  • Unauthorised goods are generally sold without the manufacturer’s warranty card, or if the guarantee card is included, does not contain the stamp of an authorised dealer. This means the brand will not honour the warranty or guarantee for the goods you have purchased.
  • Whilst some unauthorised retailers may offer their own warranty, the repair process – especially for highly specialised goods such as timepieces – will not be carried out by the manufacturer or one of its authorised service agents. There is no guarantee your repair work will be undertaken by a qualified professional.
  • Many luxury goods, such as watches, have an engraved serial number as a hallmark of its authenticity and to trace each individual piece back to the point of purchase. Unauthorised retailers will often sell goods with the serial numbers removed, rendering your brand warranty or guarantee void.
  • Some unauthorised retailers may sell counterfeit goods, or products that have been refurbished or reconditioned to appear as new.

Conversely, buying from an authorised dealer ensures customers have complete confidence in their purchase and full access to the benefits of a manufacturing warranty and qualified service network. When buying direct from company boutiques or flagships, many brands also offer extended after-sales services to their customers, from special VIP experiences in-store to becoming part of the brand’s community.

To ensure you are purchasing from an authorised TAG Heuer retailer, please visit: http://store.tagheuer.com/