19 Nove. Extreme Diving

Earlier this year, TAG Heuer re-launched its “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign from the 90s that pays tribute to the human spirit, and celebrates that greatness is achieved as much with the mind as it is with the body. To pay homage to this unwavering human spirit, we have explored the most daring water sports which are sure to push your nerves to the ultimate limits.

1) Cliff Diving

Most people have jumped off a small cliff into a body of water at some point in their lives, but as the cliff gets higher, this activity becomes more thrilling. Cliff diving is now an international extreme sport performed across a number of countries. The most famous cliff divers in the world are Mexico’s La Quebrada, these dare devils perform routines from cliffs more than 100 feet in height, an equivalent of jumping off an eight-storey high building.

2) Shark Diving

Face your fears and combine scuba diving with nature’s most feared creature, the shark. While divers have the safety of a cage between them and the sharks, being underwater and up close and personal with razor-sharp teeth, is sure to take you out of your comfort zone. Some diving centres push this to the next level and offer cage-free diving for those with nerves of steel.

3) Freediving

Freediving involves a diver’s ability to hold their breath for as long as possible underwater without the use of any breathing apparatus. This pursuit has been practiced for years and used for spearfishing, fishing and even underwater photography but now freediving is a competitive extreme sport. Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder and is commonly referred to as “the deepest man on earth”, freediving to an incredible 702 feet and holding his breath underwater for over nine minutes in his 2007 attempt.

4) Cave Diving

Daring divers can explore the unchartered depths of the ocean, pushing themselves to the limits in a quest to be the first to discover lost underwater worlds. Cave divers are equipped with scuba gear and breathing apparatus, but the risks of getting lost underwater or running out of your air supply makes this water sport emphatically extreme.

Whether you are in a cage, cave, lake or ocean, push your TAG Heuer Aquaracer to the limits. This high performance watch is engineered for the extreme and will make the perfect diving companion.